About me

Waiting for food on Koh Samet
Koh Samet, May 2013

Last year i quit my job and in April i moved to Bangkok. Since then i have been in South East Asia living off freelancing as a software developer. I am currently based on Bali learning to surf.

What is my background?

My name is Gustaf and i grew up in a city called Linköping in Sweden. After high school i worked for a few years as forklift driver in Sweden and Dublin. I got sick of that and I started study a bachelor of science in Media and Communications and got a job as a developer for a company called XMS Penvision in Norrköping where i worked for over three years.

What makes me money?

Currently my main income is to freelance for my previous employer. I have a 20-hour-a-week-contract until the end of August doing this, which is perfect to give me time to build up my own network of clients without spending anything from my buffer.

The project i am currently focus on is this consulting business for the product Formidable that i have developed for the past 3 years at XMS Penvision. A dream i have is to have my own steady passive income later on, which makes my enough to survive in South East Asia without worrying.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about my life as an expat in South East Asia. You can read about everything from the best experiences living far away home with constant summer and the difficulties with it (there are more than just sun burns). I am transparent in everything and i am for example declaring all my expenses and incomes (to come…).

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn or through email on [email protected]