Bucket list

Iguazu falls
Iguazu falls, 2007

I read this article and decided to start putting together my own bucket list. This is list of things i want to do in my life, sooner rather than later. It is a mix of places i want to go to and things i want to accomplish. I have included some of the things that i used to dream about in this list as well.

Later on i will challenge myself by setting up goals for the coming year.

Things to do:

#1 Trekk the jungle in northern Laos
#3 Climb an active volcano
#4 Climb Kebnekaise (Sweden’s highest mountain)
#5 Climb a 4000+ meter mountain (Climb last 2000 meters myself)
#6 Climb a 6000+ meter mountain in the Himalayas (Climb last 3000 meters myself)
#7 Do the highest bungee jumps. Macau Tower,Verzasca Dam and Bloukrans Bridge
#8 Eat a hamburger in hamburg
#9 Get motorcycle license
#10 Own a 150+ hp sport bike
#11 Own a Yamaha R1
#12 Attend Alpe d’Huez stage in Tour de France (or another stage with summit finish)
#13 Get an open water diver certification Get an advanced open water diver certification
#14 Get a sky diving certification
#15 Start my own business
#16 Start a business that makes 1000 EUR/month in passive income
#17 Learn how to surf (I am the judge when i am good enough)
#18 Live in another country
#19 Live in Berlin
#20 Live in Bangkok
#21 Live on Bali
#22 Live in Melbourne
#23 Live in China
#24 Participate in the carnival in Rio De Janeiro
#25 Follow the path of the Illuminati in Rome
#26 Travel the full Trans-Siberian railway
#27 Safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa
#28 Safari in Kenya and Tanzania
#41 Drive route 66 on a Harley Davidson with my dad
#44 Camp and live of nature in the Canadian outback
#45 Camp in the Australian outback
#46 Smoke a cigar on Kuba before the embargo is lifted
#47 Space travel
#48 Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef Scuba dive The Great Barrier Reef
#49 Road trip from Melbourne to Cairns
#50 See a Formula 1 Grand Prix live See Monaco Grand Prix Live
#51 Run with the bulls in Pamplona
#52 St Patrick’s Day in Dublin
#53 Have a beer at the Octoberfest in Munich
#54 Sail around the world
#55 Go to the airport and go by the first cheap flight you find
#56 Buy a motorcycle in India and drive for at least one month
#57 Join a temple and be a buddhist monk for at least one month
#58 Take up speaking German and learn it properly
#59 Learn Spanish
#60 Learn an Asian language
#61 Bet 100 USD on black in Las Vegas
#62 Live in Medellin

Places to see:

#2 East Timor
#29 Galapagos Islands
#30 Pyramids in Egypt
#31 Taj Mahal
#32 Machu Picchu
#33 New Work
#34 Temples in Angkor Wat
#35 Eiffeltower
#36 Iguazu Falls
#37 Patagonia
#38 Antartica
#39 Dubai
#40 Russia
#42 Croatia
#43 Jerusalem

This list is currently only a draft with things i came up with in half an hour of writing. A list like this will never really be final either (at least not as long as the bucket isn’t kicked), dreams come and go.

Any suggestions of other things to do or accomplish that you would have on your list?

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  1. Mariann L

    Interesting lists! And you have done many great things! I also have a kind of list of what I would want to do and see. But my time is running out faster than yours if we live normal lives. I do wish you luck though to accomplish your dreams, but don’t forget to live in between!

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