Howdy Melbourne!

My life has changed quite a bit since I last wrote a blog post. I now live in Melbourne and am living what most people would say is a more normal life. I have an office to go to and I am living in a house. So how did I end up here? This is not really what I set out to do, working full time back in a developed country. Well it is not as bad as it sounds, I am still very flexible in what I do and most of my work won’t be depended on where I live.

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How did I end up in Australia?

To start from the beginning, a little bit over a year ago I was going to Australia and I applied for a one-year working holiday visa. Originally the plan was to go here a year ago already, but that has changed a lot along the way. When I started my own business and it worked, I had to give it a real go. This meant that I had the opportunity to live in South East Asia for 8 months and because I enjoyed it so much I so no reason to go to Australia just earlier.

Last fall it started to be time to make a decision. My Visa was about to go old and rainy season was coming to Bali, this together with that I landed a client here in Melbourne made my choice quite easy in the end. In the end of November I was on a plane to Darwin and after a weeks holiday up there I arrived in Melbourne. I just moved in a house with two other people and for the last month I have been working almost full-time.

My client here has some very interesting projects, which I will develop for him and I am also doing server administration for him. I can’t talk that much about the projects, but it is in line what I have done before. He has contracted me for two days a week until the end of February when we will discuss an extension. I will at least continue doing his server administration after that.

My former employer XMS Penvision contacted me in late December and asked if I could work for them for a while. One of their developers is on paternity leave and they have a lot of work to do. I will work with development of their digital writing platform Formidable as I did when I worked for them previously. We agreed that I will work for them 2 days a week so that I have time for my other clients as well. I have a few other clients interested in server administration especially, which feels very encouraging. I hope to have a few more of them in place in the next couple of months.

I have also signed a few contracts for other clients to manage their servers as well. It is looking very good at the moment. I am also in looking to hire a person part-time to do most of the monitoring of the servers, I hope to find someone that go take more and more responsibility so that I can scale this up even further when I get more clients.

No more expenses or business reports!!!

You might have noticed that I am not writing expenses or business reports anymore and the main reason for that is that they drained me on energy. I hated writing that f*ucking expense report and thinking about that every day. I don’t feel that is that valid anymore either as I am living in a developed country which costs as much as any other developed country. The same goes with the business reports.

If you are interested in any of this I could tell you via email for example.

I want to feel good about this blog and write when I feel like it so that is what I will be doing from now on. This means that it might be some time between my blog entries.

Is there anything about the kind of life you are interested in and would like me to write about?

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  1. Mariann L

    Love reading your blog whenever! You have a good life. Keep going!

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