A little side project

At the moment my normal freelance and consulting business is a little slow, but I feel that I have a lot of energy and a will to work. I decided to find myself another project. If you read Pat Flynn’s blog you can’t miss the subject of niche sites so I have decided to give it a go. Niche sites is  very well explained in this article by Pat Flynn, but it is about creating a website about something that is not already covered very well. To find a subject that is not covered and there is low competition you have to niche down, don’t write about cars, don’t write about Volvo, don’t write about interior, don’t write about seats, but maybe write about black leader seats for Volvos.

We have discussed the subject in forums of Digital Nomad Academy and this is where someone talked about a starter package where you get the tools you need to get started. It comes with a few pre-built sites, a few keywords that is researched for you and a few licenses to keyword research tools and WordPress stuff. You buy this from Empire Flippers and it costs $297.

I will talk about two of the pre-built sites here. I don’t want to link to them as that might look like strange links as Google is concerned. One website is about maple hardwood flooring and the other one is about peerless faucets. These sites were supposed to have traffic, but looking in Google Analytics for the past week I see that it is not many visits. I think I will write them and ask if I actually didn’t pay for more than this.

peerless faucet niche site

Content writing

Creating this websites requires a lot of content in subjects in which I’m not close to an expert. Writing all this material would take me forever and would be terribly boring. Luckily outsourcing easily solves this. You find people on for example Fiverr that write 300-500 word articles on any subject for $5. That is so worth it! I will order most content this way.

Where is the profit supposed to come from?

When you work with niche sites this way you most likely mean to make money from advertisements, usually Google’s system called AdSense. With this system you put advertisements on your website and you get paid each time someone clicks on it. It is easy to implement and if you have a lot of traffic you will make money.

How to get traffic?

The main source of traffic will be from Google and for that I need the websites to rank good on Google. I am no expert in this subject, but I am trying to learn. The strategies I will use to start with is internal linking, set up another blog which link back on the keywords I am interested in and you will use a spam service.

Internal linking

Traffic is supposed to come to the main website, but writing articles in the subject and link back to the main website will get it higher rank on Google. These articles will target other keywords, but link back to the main website on the main keyword. For example, I have an article about bamboo hardwood flooring that has a link back to the main keyword “maple hardwood flooring” saying something like that bamboo hardwood flooring will replace maple hardwood flooring in the future.

External linking

Best would be to have good links back to these websites from established websites with a lot of traffic. This is quite hard to get, but another way to get external links is to create them yourself. As both these subjects are about stuff in your home, I have created a blog on which I add content about these subjects and then link back to articles on the main websites and the main website itself. For content on this blog i will use The Best Spinner, which you use to spin the words of an article to get a “new one”. This blog will hopefully give the sites more credibility and rank higher on Google.

Spam comments

There is a service called Social Monkee that you can use to send comments to a number of established websites. You write a sample comment and add synonyms and different sentence build for the comments to not be exactly the same. This will make the comments look more likely to be real and you won’t get penalized by Google that easy. It is a bit risky though and this should be used with care. To test how well this works I will use this on the faucet-site and on the blog linking back to main websites. This means that it will be first tier link building on faucet-site and second tier linking on

I will write a new blog post about this in a few months with results. Hopefully I will have another source of income by then. What do you think? Is this something I should spend time on?

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  1. Jan Koch

    Hey Gustaf,

    I’m also building niche sites, but I’m building those from scratch. Actually my blog is my biggest “niche site”, as it gets most traffic from Google and earns money with affiliate marketing and Adsense.

    I’m working on 4 other niche sites that will most likely be monetized via Amazon Associates.

    Currently you’ll find a keyword challenge on my blog, where I’m publishing 90 keywords in 90 days – that’s 90 profitable niche sites opportunities.

    I really admire your journey, you’ve done a terrific job on getting thus far! I just quit my job and start experiencing the freedom of being an entrepreneur for the first few days. I can say, I LOVE IT!

    Maybe we can connect and have a chat about niche sites, content creation and other stuff?

    Best regards,

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