My Mastermind group

I have read about Mastermind groups before, but it wasn’t until I read this article by Digital Nomad Academy (Note: This is an affiliate link I would be amazingly happy if you use if you ever think about entering this awesome program) founder Cody McKibben. I really felt like doing something similar myself. In the group we started we now have weekly meetings where we brainstorm, discuss problems and ideas and help each other out in general.

Mastermind group
“We shall win only by working together” – Gnassingbe Eyadema

Forming the Mastermind group

I started thinking about prospects for the the type of persons I wanted in this group. They should obviously be thinking or working in an entrepreneurial way and it would be a good thing if they also where traveling minded. I also thought it would be best if we were all Swedish to feel we have that in common.

One very obvious choice was my very good friend living in Bangkok. He runs his own business, which is in online marketing. He has been living on his business for the past year and was a perfect candidate and he didn’t hesitate when I asked.

Another person that sprang into mind was another friend I know supporting the same football team. We have traveled to watch a lot of games together and he runs an e-commerce business. I had found another perfect candidate.

Next person was a suggestion from my friend in Bangkok. He knows him well and although I only meet him briefly I thought that it would another good candidate. He is also working in online marketing.

Weekly meetings

We have weekly meetings, usually late Tuesday evening local time in South East Asia. We have an agenda that each person goes through.

* Present last weeks goals
* Good stuff
* Bad stuff
* Any help needed?
* Big happenings
* Goals for next week
* Ideas
* One blog post/podcast/article that you read that could be interesting for the others

We still have a lot of discuss each meeting so we haven’t gotten to the part where we put someone in a “hot seat” yet. What we are thinking with this is that each week we focus on one person’s business and go deeper in and discuss that. We are still quite early with this Mastermind group stuff so I don’t feel there is any rush for this.

This is awesome!

I love this Mastermind group thing, every week we end up discussing very interesting topics. Obviously everything that is said in the group stays in the group so we can discuss ideas and concerns that you might not usually talk to anyone else about. Another great thing with this is that you get someone to be accountable for, you have set your goals for the week and at least I don’t want to say to the others that I couldn’t complete my goals.

Meetup in Bangkok

As it happened to be, one of the guys in from Sweden was going to Bangkok so I thought it would be a great opportunity to go back there as well. The last guy from Sweden didn’t want to miss out so he decided to come as well. This is a great way for everybody to get to know each other and also to get a little boost in work. I find it a lot easier to work if I don’t have to sit alone.

What do you think? Is this something you find interesting?

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  1. Chris

    Hey what’s up? This sounds interesting. Can I join the group?

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