Financial summary for August

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Flying toward new times

August has been very busy so far. I am still working 20 hours a week (I am trying to work less) for my former employer XMS Penvision and at the same time trying to kick off my own business.

My first sale!

At the moment I have a very good feeling about my new business Formidable Services.  I have been handed a few leads through XMS Penvision in which one is has actually already lead into a project. This was a small project for less than a day, but it is great milestone! I delivered a first version earlier this week. The project was about delivering the export files from the Formidable platform in a customized way.

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Borneo getaway (visa run)

Mount Kinabalu

I went to Borneo and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia for the weekend to climb Mount Kinabalu. I wrote about visa runs in an earlier post so I now have 30 new days in Indonesia. Instead of writing a blog post about this (which I am sure you can find thousands of if you Google for 2 seconds) I did a small video diary. It is weeeeeird speaking into a camera, but here goes nothing…
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